Lightspeed Analytics launches in Europe

Lightspeed, a cloud-based point-of-sale (POS) software, has introduced Lightspeed Analytics designed to provide retailers with insights and recommendations into their sales, inventory, employee performance and customer behaviour.

The ePOS company currently works with over 57,000 independent retailers and restaurateurs globally.

Lightspeed Analytics takes the guesswork out of managing an inventory, providing insights into which products are selling fast and which are gathering dust. The software also allows retailers to target customers based on their individual shopping history with relevant communications about new products, promotions and other business updates.

Additionally, the software provides ’employee optimisation’, allowing owners to better understand their staffing needs and share data-driven feedback with employees to help improve performance.

According to Lightspeed, until today solutions addressing these areas had been typically reserved for larger businesses.

“Access to complete analytics and business insights will empower independents with the tools they need to effectively grow, allowing our customers to dream bigger about the future of their business,” explained Lightspeed founder and CEO Dax Dasilva. “Lightspeed Analytics is simple to navigate and makes the value of data easy to understand, which will give our customers the time and ability to make smarter business decisions.”

In 2016, Lightspeed launched its omnichannel product which merged in-store POS, eCommerce and mobile. Last month, Lightspeed announced its ePOS systems are now able to integrate text messaging services Textem, and Ikeono.

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