Madison to distribute Singletrack Mountain Bike Magazine

Madison has agreed a deal to become the new distributor for Singletrack Mountain Bike Magazine, bringing the title direct to bike shops in the UK.

Chipps Chippendale, Editor for Singletrack Magazine said: “This is great news, both for Singletrack and for its thousands of readers. With the changing landscape of publishing, small publishers like us are abandoning the waste-heavy ‘traditional’ newsagent channels and working closer with our readers and the bike trade.”

“In early 2020, we left the high street newsagents for good and are concentrating on a more direct relationship with our readers. Although we have thousands of subscribers, we need to get our magazine under the gaze (and noses) of new customers as well. With millions of visitors to our website, we can create a demand for new readers, but it really is in the reading and handling (and smelling!) of a magazine that customers are swayed. We’re really looking forward to working with Madison to get Singletrack Magazine in front of those eager would-be readers and those readers who used to sneak a copy into the shopping basket when shopping in Smiths.”

“Bike shops will now be the only place to see a new copy of Singletrack and we’d much rather give the generous magazine margins to the bike trade than the news trade. With readers coming into bike shops to find the new issue, we hope that they’ll stop for those other bits and pieces they knew they needed anyway. And with Madison’s huge dealer network, we’re looking forward to introducing new readers to Singletrack.” he added.

Dom Langan, CEO of Madison, said; “I have known Chipps for many years and Madison has always enjoyed a good relationship with the publication which we believe adds value for our industry and is very well respected by the readership, by us and by the brands we represent. We hope by working with Singletrack magazine we can help them reach their target audience through our customer network and ensure Singletrack Magazine continues to thrive.”

Singletrack Magazine is available to order from Madison now. To place an order dealers can speak to their local sales agent or head to