Magura adds CT city and all road disc brake line

Magura has announced the addition of a new disc brake line pitched as a modernised solution for bikes for the city, all-road and light off road use, including gravel applications.

Available in 2 and 4-piston versions, it is ideal both for normal and eBikes in combination with the Magura e-Bike optimised kit.

The Magura CT emphasises easy maintenance, which makes it especially attractive to commuters and recreational riders. In addition to offering high braking force and precise modulation, it is ideal for e-bikes when combined with Magura E-Bike Optimised components (SPORT brake pads and MDR-P or MDR-C rotors).

Mechanics will find an enlarged expansion reservoir that reduces the risk of air being trapped in the system and ensures reliable long-term operation. Like all the firm’s brakes, it incorporates Easy Bleed Technology and uses environmentally friendly Royal Blood mineral oil as a brake medium. These features have a positive influence on handling, ease of maintenance and length of maintenance intervals.

Meanwhile, the CT’s newly-developed axial master cylinder is made of Carbotecture, a reinforced high-tech polymer that is light in weight but extremely resistant to impact and tearing. Carbotecture master cylinders have proven their worth and durability over many years in the MT and HS series.

A flat mount edition will sit alongside, offering up a trio of options spanning €129.90 for the dual-piston CT4, €169.90 for the four-piston CT5 and €149.90 for the flat mount dual-piston version. Each carries Magura’s three finger carbotecture level, which can be modified to a two finger or ball end unit.

The Magura CT is available now with selected bicycle models and aftermarket availability is planned for early 2022.


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