Might Brian Cookson’s next UCI presidency challenger be VP David Lappartient?

Following an interview in French Newspaper La Parisien with FDJ team manager Marc Madiot, rumurs have begun to circulate that current UCI vice president David Lappartient may mount a future bid for presidency.

Having reportedly locked horns with current president Brian Cookson on a number of issues, including most recently WorldTour reforms, Lappartient has previously played down talk of a future challenge, but not ruled it out.

The Frenchman is also presently the president of the European Cycling Union and president of the French Cycling Federation. Lappartient has outlined that he will not stand for re-election for the latter post.

Within Marc Madiot’s interview in the French paper he expressed that, while he himself doesn’t have a vote, he would back Lappartient, as would the Ligue Nationale de Ciclisme (France’s pro-cycling league). Madiot also criticised Brian Cookson’s current four year stint as having been too short-term in its vision for the sport.

Current president Brian Cookson has confirmed that he will seek re-election in 2017.

He has previously said:

“Although it hasn’t always been easy, we have made significant progress – but now is not the time for us to be distracted or diverted. It’s important to remember that I am only in the third year of my first four-year mandate. Together, we still have much more to do. We all have a responsibility to deliver. Stability, not conflict, is what we need to continue our journey forward. All our progress has not come about by chance. It has been delivered through hard work, unity and dedication and I am grateful for the support of the global cycling family in driving our sport forward.

“My vision is that the UCI will be known as the best respected and trusted International Federation. One that is known for good governance, open and transparent procedures, forward thinking and which embraces innovation whilst respecting our heritage. An organisation leading a sport which people, sponsors, stakeholders, want to be part of.

“I am passionate about this vision and I know that there is still a lot of work to do. So I want to be clear that I fully intend to come back to you next year at this congress to seek your support for a final 4-year term as UCI President.”

Read the full interview here.