Moore Large adds Éclat to BMX portfolio

Moore Large & Co has announced a new distribution partnership with Éclat parts.

BMX has been an important part in the Moore Large’s business for some time and the distributor welcomed the partnership with Éclat, calling the parts brand one of the most innovative & progressive on the scene.

“Éclat is a brand with a focus on evolution and progression. This focus goes beyond our product line and fuels our vision for distribution and getting our products to consumers. We are thrilled and excited for the new journey together with Moore Large Co. which will help us reach a whole new audience of shops and customers within the United Kingdom. We would like to thank everyone at SNAP Distribution for their huge help in growing Éclat in the UK since 2016. With our 2021 product line hitting the UK market later this year, we are thoroughly looking forward to seeing Éclat in more stores and on more bikes in the UK from now on,” said Éclat’s Marketing team.

The new 2021 product line up will be available in the UK late November and is available to pre-order now. To find out more about the range, please contact

Earlier this month, the distributor also partnered with Fuse Protection with 2021 stock now available for pre-order.