Moscow cycling infrastructure parade goes ahead despite -27C frosts

A bike parade organised by Moscow’s department for transport in support of the development of cycling infrastructure has gone ahead despite -27C temperatures and frost.

Held earlier today, some 500 cyclists headed out in the “orange danger” level temperatures for the Veloparad, said the department. None of the participants required medical assistance, presumably thanks to well gritted roads and bike paths.

The average speed of the riders was set at around 15km/h with all 500 completing the ‘race’.

The event is described as:

Veloparad – this is not a race and sports strength test, the purpose of the event – to show that regardless of the weather conditions in Moscow it is possible to ensure the safe movement of bicycles and create advanced veloinfrastrukturu. Winter veloparad organized a project to develop velokultury Let’s bike it! supported by the Department of Transportation and Development of road transport infrastructure of Moscow.