New distribution business Hornet ST opens with Dolan, Cycloc and more

A new UK distributor, Hornet ST (Sell Through), is open for business, starting out by offering UK retailers the Dolan, Cycloc, Imprint Grips and Winglights labels.

With plans to establish a network of both on and offline bike shops, Hornet ST is setting out to make an impression on the trade. As such, the distributor will provide retail partners with sales training to ensure product knowledge is shared and understood.

“Retailers and brands can say goodbye to discounting and stale stock build up and hello to an efficient sell through strategy,” says Founder Benjamin Mossman. He told CI.N: “Since setting out we have been performing incredibly well due to our company position in this quickly shifting market. The ambition is to create the strongest, most cared for network in the cycling industry by looking after every link on the distribution chain, starting at the bottom.”

Training aside, we’re told that there will be strong emphasis on merchandising, with Mossman believing an engaged and well-presented store will be a better champion for brands.

The business is now contactable on +44 (0) 79 34 34 6707 and found online at