Olympia launches new Hammer enduro e-MTB

Olympia has launched its new high performance enduro e-MTB, called the Hammer, which features a long-range power unit.

Designed for adrenaline-filled “fun” power-assisted riding, the Hammer aims to strike the balance between muscular and electric power.

The bike’s carbon fibre frame makes it lightweight and easy to handle, with the rider’s seating position moved forward to enable better rear wheel grip uphill, and to make best use of the motor drive. The front fork is compatible with both 27.5″ and 29″ wheels.

The Hammer’s seat tube has been shifted to a more vertical position by 75.5 degrees, while the top tube has been shortened to 575 mm. The steering has also been lowered by 64.5 degrees in order to improve stability. The more upright position and wider steering angle allow for improved riding comfort and greater control during downhill riding.

The Hammer has a sturdy 450 mm rear stay, with the integrated cable harness positioned to obtain a smooth slide. The bike’s seat post is telescopic, with the remote control incorporated in to the handlebars.

The bike features the Steps 8,000 250M Shimano motor, which is controllable via an app. The battery is easily removable and can be charged without removing it from its housing, featuring an expanded capacity of 630 Wh.

The Hammer is produced in sizes small, medium and large with two colour patterns: black, grey and blue, and black and red.

The Italian-based manufacturer has unveiled the Hammer as the latest addition to its e-MTB range, which also features the E1-X Carbon 8.0 and the E3-X. Olympia manufacture a range of road and gravel pedal-powered bikes alongside their e-MTB range.

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