Orbea UK division posts 54% growth on MY16, anticipates more in 2017

Orbea has posted a 54% growth year on year in the UK and Irish markets, according to sales and marketing head Damian Hackett.

Strong sales of MY16 has seen the Basque brand secure its greatest gain to date, believed Hackett.

“The sales we experienced across the board were exceptional by any standards. While our product has definitely moved forward at an exceptional pace, it is a combination of having built a strong, committed sales team and working with some of the best dealers that I believe has really secured us our biggest gains.”

Global demand has however limited the brand’s progress, with UK advertising spend pulled across the board.

Hackett said: “We simply couldn’t keep up with the demand we were creating, not just in the UK and Ireland, but globally. Our MyO programme was massively oversubscribed and meant we had to pull our advertising after only a couple of months.

“While we have invested heavily in personnel, increasing our facilities and completely overhauling our information systems, the resulting efficiencies and capacity will only really start to have an effect from our new 2017 range onwards. When you anticipate 20% growth and deliver upwards of 50% growth, the infrastructure just creaks under the pressure. Our investment this year is really an investment in reliability going forward.”

Success has been attributed largely to the enduro and trail markets where the label has seen strong sales of the Rallon, Occam and Loki, among others. As a direct result of dealer feedback the brand has also created specific bikes like the innovative new Vector and kid’s MX Park.

“It’s about acknowledging the subtle differences between what the UK and Irish markets demand, and what other European and global markets need,” added Jon Gantxegi, Orbea’s leisure and E-cycling product manager. “Listening to the market closely and basing our development around those demands has meant our range for 2017 has filled every sector with a product that stands up to intense scrutiny.”

Orbea has now scheduled a June and July dealer invitational, at which it will debut a full e-bike range, as well as the Orca triathlon MY17 product.

“With our aggressive dealer terms, and massively evolved range, we really feel that our dealer shows will attract the best IBDs from around the country this year,” says Hackett of the roadshows, which are detailed below.

Tuesday, June 21st
Westmanstown Conference Centre
Lucan Road
Dublin 15

Tuesday, 5th July
The Bridge Hotel
LS22 5HS

Thursday, 7th July
South Platt Hill
EH28 8AA

Tuesday, 12th July
Sandown Park
Portsmouth Road
Esher, Surrey
KT10 9AJ

Thursday, July 14th
Bristol Golf Club
St Swithens Park, Blackhorse Hill
BS10 7TP