Paligap reports 60% sales boost with Stan’s NoTubes tubeless system POS has reported an overall increase of sales by up to 59% for IBDs that have signed up to its in-store POS units.

The Paligap brand team said: “We have seen stores that invest in evolving their approach to retail are reaping the rewards. For any retailer to see an increase of 59% in year-on-year sales of a specific product, is clearly making the right decision to accept that retail is changing and is focusing on brands that they stock.”

The firm recently changed focus from distributor to ‘Brand Specialist’, targeting the trade with core brands that it says sit well in the changing retail landscape.

Paligap has reduced its staff and cost base and instead invested in a brand merchandising team that focuses on education and the experience of a product who then goes on to back up this strategy with attendance of national events and a digital marketing campaign. Paligap has also revealed that it is to move to a purpose-built low carbon emission building that will continue to support their future business model.

Paligap’s Managing Director David Lane said: “A lot of questions were being asked on Paligap’s direction and existence in 2018 with our brand rationalisation strategy. However, we feel that we are ahead of the competition with a rapidly changing and evolving retail environment and believe a more focused approach will be needed to develop core brands and in turn help retailers retain their customer base and expertise and of course, their profitability.”

Paligap will also be announcing some new programmes for Stan’s dealers in the next few weeks. For any dealer interested in signing up to the Stans NoTubes POS programme then please contact directly.