Parliamentary active travel group recruit PR agency behind #BikeIsBest

The All-Party Parliamentary Group for Cycling & Walking has signed up Fusion Media, the agency behind the industry-backed #BikeIsBest campaign, to help drive its work promoting active travel both inside and outside of Parliament.

The appointment is unusual but exciting in equal measure in that it is a cross-party group of MPs and peers that make up the APPGCW and by joining with the pro-active agency the group will be equipped with direct access to some of the cycling industry and advocacy network’s brightest minds.

Since the 1970s, the APPGCW has worked on a cross-party basis to promote all forms of cycling and walking, working with representatives of organisations in the private, public, and third sectors that share their vision. The group has been active in weaving the active travel discussion into political discussion surrounding broader issues relating to climate, pollution and congestion, as well as conversations on public health.

Ruth Cadbury MP (Labour), Co-Chair of the APPGCW, who recently featured in CI.N’s MP’s View series featuring active politicians in the cycling discussion, said: “We are delighted to have appointed Fusion Media to support our work. As Parliamentarians we firmly believe that it has never been more important to get more people to experience the environmental, public health, and economic benefits of cycling and walking.”

Fusion will provide public affairs and public relations support to the group; their brief is to help the group build its profile both inside and outside of Westminster, increasing activity and awareness through press coverage, events and campaigns. The group works to communicate the benefits of active travel within Parliament and conducts inquiries on pressing matters relating to cycling and walking.

Selaine Saxby MP (Conservative), Co-Chair of the APPGCW (who likewise recently shared her vision for cycling with CI.N), added: “This partnership with Fusion Media will allow us to take our promotion of active travel to an even larger audience. I look forward to working with the team to help us to utilise a broad range of voices to campaign for positive policy change for cycling and walking inside Westminster.”

Adam Tranter, Founder and CEO at Fusion Media, said: “As an agency we’re incredibly passionate about ensuring that as many people as possible are able to enjoy the many benefits of active travel, so to work with the APPG on Cycling & Walking is a great honour. There is a real opportunity to create long-term positive change; now is the time for that change and we look forward to building on the fantastic work already done by the APPG to help deliver it.”