PeopleForBikes and BPSA partner Portland Univeristy to understand the e-bike consumer

The Portland State University is currently conducting a study of electric bike riders in the United States and Canada with a view to helping the Bicycle Product Supplier’s Association and PeopleForBikes better understand the current engaged demographic.

Surveying those who have made the leap to pedal-assistance, the researchers want to understand why North America has been slower to embrace the technology than Europe and Asia. Indeed in the Netherlands, electrically assisted bikes are presently out-selling pedal power, while in Germany e-bikes now make up 15% of sales.

In the U.S. market insiders do strongly believe growth is coming, albeit from a small base, with analysts eCycleElectric stating that the market has grown by “at least 50%, perhaps even 70% in 2016 vs 2015.”

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