Primal Europe assists on the road eye tests with “Barnard Castle” charity jersey

Cycling jersey maker Primal Europe has taken a tongue in cheek swipe at advisor to the PM Dominic Cummings, who recently declared that he went for a drive to Barnard Castle to test his eyesight.

Printed in the format of an eye test, the Barnard Castle print adorns the rear of the jersey, sales of which will see £5 delivered to NHS charities.

Cummings has attracted the ire of the UK public with contradictory accounts of his movements during the Coronavirus pandemics’ peak period to date. Barnard Castle became a focal point of Cummings’ story during a press conference who, prior to driving nearly 300 miles, spoke of “going for a short drive to see if I could drive safely,” despite complaining of having eyesight issues, potentially as a result of exposure to the contagious disease.

The creation of the jersey by Primal Europe has of course delivered mixed reviews, with one erring towards the positive stating the “fabric is more flexible than any retrospective interpretation of Government guidance.”

Delivery for the £55 relaxed fit jersey will begin from July. Sizes extra small through 3X will be on offer.