Promovec adds larger format e-Bike battery production

Danish electric bike OEM Promovec has revealed an upgrade to its battery assembly with the addition of a new production line focussed on the manufacture of larger cell format (21,700) units.

The growth of the production builds upon an existing production line for 18,650 format cells, with the new larger format offering up a longer life cycle (more charges) and a greater energy density. The production line is expected to fire up next month.

The announcement comes at a time when Promovec is stacking up column inches on the back of its Eurobike Award accolade, given in response to the firm’s innovative new take on e-Bike display.

The firm’s Smart Grip D500+ integrates into the left side grip a button and display controller for its motor systems. The display reads out metrics on battery level, actual speed, assist level and diagnostics.

Produced in Aarhus, Denmark, the Promovec battery production has had to answer the same sustainability questions currently facing the broader e-Bike industry.

“With our production facility, we have control over the process and development, and we have a real possibility to make the production of batteries more sustainable in the years to come,” wrote the brand to its blog on the subject of meeting environmental challenges, adding “Our components adhere to the strictest safety, efficiency, and performance regulations, and our products are tested to meet relevant standards, and all are fitted with integrated intelligent BMS systems. Also, we are committed to the responsible sourcing of raw materials for all components going into our production.

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