ProShift converts Shimano, SRAM and Campagnolo electronic gearing to “optimal and automatic”

Baron Controls has developed a device that will automatically choose the best gear on a bicycle using nothing but clever algorithms and rider data.

Working with all the key manufacturer’s groupsets, the system promises to “always keep the rider in the optimum gear, automatically and in real time.” What’s more, the kit is permitted for use in UCI, USAT, Ironman and RAAM events and has been certified by the ANT+ Alliance.

Relying on information about the rider, the on bike sensors determine the best levels based on the rider’s heart rate, powermeter readings, VO2 Max, cadence and speed.

Ennio Mastracci, Proshift’s senior vice president said: “It’s reading the sensors to shift as much as up to twice per second, meaning the rider needn’t worry about their selection – it’s always optimal.”

The firm is offering six versions of its $999 device, which target everything from hand cyclists to tandem riders and racers. A mountain bike suited version is also in the pipeline.

In another recent development, former SRAM engineer Paul Gallagher has created the Xshifter, a device to convert any group to electronic.