REVEAL live-stream conference steps in for bike product launches amid cancelled bike shows

As the list of delayed or cancelled bike shows continues to grow, ECHO Communications has launched REVEAL, a live-streaming Global Media Conference to showcase cycle products and innovations to online audiences.

A swathe of cancelled cycle shows (the London Bike Show, Sea Otter, Taipei Cycle Show and others) which have been postponed  to help contain or delay coronavirus, aka COVID-19. With more shows likely to follow suit, there are considerable new bike product launches that have not had their traditional airing in front of journalists, bloggers, the trade and consumers.

The REVEAL Global Media Conference will run 29-30 April 2020, live-streamed from Camp Navarro in Mondocino, California. Brands will be able to participate remotely or brand managers can attend in-person if they are local. All brand assets will be provided to journalists, along with a schedule of each brand’s presentations.

Journalists, wherever they are in the world, will have chance to watch and hear the new product presentations and take part in Q&As with brand managers.

“ECHOS will continue to be invested in the major industry trade shows, but we wanted to provide a level of continuity – a way for brands and media to connect despite these unfortunate events,” said Rob Reedy, CEO, ECHOS Communications. “The live streaming event is designed to be an effective way for brands to present the launch of their products while limiting or eliminating travel.”

With the situation around COVID-19 likely to endure and more longer term concerns about cutting carbon footprints and reducing air travel, it seems reasonable to assume this kind of event could become more popular as the years roll by.