Saddle design veteran creates performance perch with on the fly flexibility adjustment

A new Ere Research saddle range has secured a patent on a unique trigger system that enables the rider to adjust the flexibility of a saddle as they ride.

Piet van der Velde, the mind behind many of the industry’s top performance saddles, is the co-creator of the Genus saddle concept, which he says squarely targets the performance segment and has found the holy grail of both comfort and performance in a single saddle. Van der Velde teamed up with former colleague and ergonomics specialist Dr. Roger Minkow to develop the saddle.

He told CI.N: “My idea with Ere was not to create another tool to find the perfect fitting saddle, though we do have a healthy range for fitters to select, but instead to find a solution to a long-standing complaint whereby riders feel they cannot have both comfort and performance. With the trigger i have at the nose of the saddle the rider can, with a quick flick, adjust the tension in the rails through two clicks.”

This adjustment ultimately means that a rider can have a rigid saddle on the flats for performance and then switch to a more flexible rider as they bed in for the climbs.

“You’ve no extra weight penalty for the trigger, saddles weigh around 125 grams, so this is still very much a top-end saddle,” concludes van der Velde.

Four saddle models in six sizes are offered from Ere Research. Three widths (133mm, 145mm, and 157mm) and two lengths (240mm and 270mm) will be in stock with distributor One Way Distribution by Autumn. Prices are approximately €330 or $385 per saddle.

One Way are contactable here.