Hutchinson’s tyre sensor tells riders when they’re running low

Debuted at Eurobike, French tyre giant Hutchinson has developed a trinket, dubbed Connec’tires, that gauges tyre pressure, alerting users to pressure drops and even tyre wear.

Syncing with the rider’s devices via Bluetooth or Ant+ and compatible with phones and smart watches, the system syncs data from its replacement valve, deliver data pre, during and post ride. Hutchinson has developed the technology having understood that the vast majority (they say 85%) of punctures occur because of poor tyre pressure, thus increasing the fragility of the tyre.

Readings are said to include:

Pressure checking
For tubeless, waterproof detection
Bike/Tyre configurator

During the ride
Pressure loss detection
Puncture detection
Heat indication

Post Ride
Data about the ride
Tyre wear indications

All rims are said to be compatible with the smart device.