Scotland’s Cycling Friendly Initiative grants cash for racks, showers and bike buying

A £1.7 million grant to assist organisations in encouraging cycle use has been made available as part of Scotland’s Cycling Friendly Initiative.

The funding is allocated for spend on cycle fleets, parking and shower upgrades, among other schemes that could up the attraction for cycling as a transport form.

Workplaces, secondary schools ,community groups and social housing providers across Scotland can immediately apply to for the cash allocation from the Scottish Government. Universities are also welcome to register their interest for campus upgrades.

The grants will be made available:

  • In lumps of between £5,000 and £25,000 for workplaces. This cash can be spent on improving facilities from showers to parking.
  • To Community Groups in allocations of between £2,000 and £20,000. These can be used to purchase bikes for the local community, access maintenance and run cycling activities.
  • Secondary schools can apply for £4,000, which can be used to purchase bikes and maintenance equipment to assist young people in cycling to school.

Cabinet Secretary for Transport, Infrastructure and Connectivity Michael Matheson said: “I’m pleased we can again support high-impact behavioural change initiatives such as Cycling Scotland’s Cycling Friendly programme which is critical to encouraging greater participation in cycling across Scotland.

“We’ve already provided £30 million this year to help support temporary infrastructure for walking and cycling to better enable physical distancing and to keep people safe from traffic. The Cycling Friendly fund will make things easier for cyclists at either end of their journey through improved amenities. For the first time, we’ve been engaging extensively through the Scottish Retail Consortium with Scotland’s supermarkets on the employer stream, and I’m optimistic that there will some exciting developments at some of our community retail hubs.

“Walking and cycling is key to improving our air quality, protecting our climate and benefits our health and wellbeing. At the same time, active travel directly supports our Transport Transition Plan and is critical to help manage demand on the public transport network as a result of physical distancing.

“The increases we have seen in the numbers of people walking and cycling across Scotland have been widely reported and are incredibly welcome. I’m determined that we will continue to support this sustainable shift in travel behaviour and continue to build an Active Nation.”

Scotland, as with the rest of the UK, has noted a significant trend towards greater cycle use in the face of the ongoing pandemic, furthering the need for dedicated support for riders.

Kath Brough, Head of Behaviour Change at Cycling Scotland said of the Cycling Friendly Initiative: “During lockdown we’ve seen the important role that bikes have played in helping key workers get to work, supporting people to make essential journeys as well as keeping people fit and healthy.

“As we look to move forwards from the Covid-19 pandemic, choosing to travel in a healthy and environmentally-friendly way will be absolutely vital. We’re inviting and encouraging workplaces, schools and community groups across the country to apply for the funding to help people travel affordably and sustainably.”