Secret Training & Controltech in Bob Elliot’s distribution double

Bob Elliot has secured a brace of exclusive distribution deals this week, with Secret Training and Controltech, respectively.

Bob Elliot is already stocked with Controltech product, including bars, stems, seatposts and accessories – with the range due to expand in 2019.

Meanwhile, Secret Training stocks are to arrive in the New Year, the distributor told CI.N.

US-headquartered Controltech this year partnered with Whyte on its gravel and adventure bikes. Earlier in 2018, the firm announced a partnership with Merida, renewing their association from 2013.

Headed by Tim Lawson, Secret Training’s product line-up includes fast-acting protein recovery gels, energy gels hydration drinks and more. It’s STEALTH range consists of advanced isotonic gels, super hydration energy drinks, caffeine and betaine gels, real fruit energy gels, protein gels and recovery powders.

There are more details available from Bob Elliot.