SwissStop issues full recall on EXOTherm pads

UPDATED: This recall has been upgraded from a stop ride and sale notice to a full recall of the EXOTherm pads. If your customer has these pads they are now required to return them for an exchange.

SwissStop has issued an advisory notice against its EXOTherm disc brake pads, urging stores to halt the sale and customers to stop riding the pads.

Rex Articoli Tecnici SA, the manufacturer of SwissStop products, issued the notice stating that it has identified a scenario where the friction compound may separate from the back plate, likely leading to brake failure.

The manufacturer said: “Rex Articoli Tecnici is currently evaluating causes of the potential separation, the specific models affected and course of action required to address the situation. Once determined, Rex Articoli Tecnici will notify distributors of required action. Until that time, customers should not ride SwissStop EXOTherm disc brake pads, and dealers should not sell SwissStop EXOTherm disc brake pads.”