Syncros partners GebioMized for OEM saddle choice on high spec bikes

Syncros and Scott have linked with specialist bike fitting business Gebiomized for a collection of saddles.

Designed with deep input from Scott and Syncros’ own pressure mapping data and combined with the knowledge of the German fitting firm, selected saddles on both men’s and women’s MY19 bikes will benefit from the upgrade. Both Performance (Belcarra + Belcarra TT) and Endurance lines, sold at three price points, are set to feature with a variety of aluminium, titanium and carbon railed options featuring, according to the bike’s pricepoint.

Speaking at Eurobike’s Media Days press camp, Ben Marchant of Scott-owned Syncros told CI.N: “There are two types of riders; those who are flexible and those who are not, the latter of which is about 70% of the population. We’ve therefore introduced a regular and V style version to match to the rider and eliminate discomfort. Where there is a cutout we recommend these saddles for those experiencing bony type pains.”

As an added perk, the saddle range will carry a threaded insert which will soon carry a plethora of accessories. These include fenders, GoPro mounts and two sizes of saddlebag.

With the road saddles benefiting from Scott’s relationship with Team Michleton Scott, a triathlon version of the Gebiomized saddles will follow with input from the Brownlee brothers.

Scott and sister brand Bergamont were just two of many brands to commit to producing electric bikes for kids’, samples of which can be seen in our Eurobike gallery, found here.