Tern enters Asia with new folding e-Bike launch

Tern has taken to the Tokyo Motor Show to mark its entry into the Japanese market, debuting a new folding e-Bike in the process.

In close collaboration with Bosch, whose booth the new bike is found at, Tern’s prototype takes the core technology of the Vektron family and combines it with Bosch’s 2018 Active Plus system.

Compared with the previous generation hardware, the newest Bosch system is lighter, more compact, quieter, and more efficient, lending to a sub 20kg weight on the new build. Furthermore, when ridden without power support, the system offers barely any resistance. Detail on the launch of the bike are slim at present, but the brand has said it features a strong and stiff integrated rack, as well as more convenient battery placement over prior models.

“Japan is the original e-bike market,” said Josh Hon, Tern Team Captain. “Moderately powered ‘mamachari’ e-bikes are widely used by parents sending kids off to school. But with the recent e-Bike boom in Europe and North America, e-bikes have evolved in power, capability, and sophistication. We’re excited to partner with Bosch to bring forward-thinking designs to Japan, and get even more people out riding.”

The Akibo Corporation will assist Tern in distributing the portfolio throughout the Japanese market.