The ACT on choosing a finance provider and avoiding the pitfalls #2

Following an increase of incoming calls querying finance providers in the cycles market, the ACT has put together a mini-series of articles to answer frequently asked questions from cycle dealers, republished here on Cycling Industry News…

“This second article in the series explores some of the claims used by a number of finance providers to get more dealers on board and why the unique partnership between V12 Retail Finance and the ACT is so beneficial for retailers.

Advice when you need it

Finance providers are not allowed to provide direct training on how to maximise finance. This is where the ACT can help – enabling you to get the most out of your Ride it away account by providing bespoke training based on your individual requirements.

  • The importance of empowering staff
  • When to introduce finance in your sales process
  • Online integration
  • How to maximise your margins using different finance offerings
  • Upsell, upsell, upsell
  • Bundling products

Contact the ACT now to arrange your training 01273 427 700.

No fuss FCA authorisation

You do not need to have FCA authorisation to offer retail finance, but doing so might be better for your business and help protect margins.

The ACT provides a free, unique service other providers do not offer; to help decide if FCA authorisation is right for your business, to assist with getting authorised and helping you to complete your annual return – don’t worry the return is only six questions!

Beware of any finance provider that insists you have FCA authorisation. These providers often let you advertise 0% finance to your customers before then signing them up to an APR based product; not exactly the customer journey you would like to be offering. Some even advertise a 0% buy-now-pay-later option that actually becomes a very expensive interest-bearing option if not settled in time. Make sure you give your customers the clarity and customer experience they deserve.

False promises

In a bid to entice retailers to sign up with them, some brokers and providers promise a guaranteed acceptance rate or to increase your current acceptance rate. At face value this sounds great, but it’s important to question any provider who even suggests you could get 100% acceptance rate, there are simply always some people who will not qualify for credit!

Remember, reputable finance providers will only accept a customer who can afford it.

Part 3 in the series coming soon!

If you have any queries about the Ride it away scheme or want to arrange your bespoke training you can find out more here or call the ACT on 01273 427 700.”

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