Bike industry flocks to Motorhome show to showcase e-Bikes

Bike industry interest in Caravan and Motorhome exhibitions is nothing new, but with electric bikes proving one of the trade’s cash cows at present one show is capitalising by introducing a dedicated ‘Electric in Motion’ area.

The Caravan Camping and Motorhome Show, set for Birmingham’s NEC from February 18th through 23rd, will host a record number of e-Mobility products, with exhibitors hoping to tap into the ‘staycation’ demographic; these include Ribble, RooDog and Glide.

Pinpoint CE, who recently launched the Eovolt brand, and Raleigh are also among those who told CI.N in recent weeks that such events hold great interest for tapping into a different demographic.

65% of people in a recent survey stated that they were unsure just how e-Bikes operated, so the Electric in Motion area is to be tapped into by bike industry for demos. Exhibitors will further be encouraged to debunk the many myths surrounding their use, power capability and functionality.

Further to electric bikes, it is expected that such shows will tap into an emerging market for lighter e-mobility goods like electric scooters, which will soon go to public consultation and latterly live trials. At the up coming Caravan Camping and Motorhome Show even electric skateboards are to feature.