Velobrands opens third party logistics service to bike industry

Cycling distributor Velobrands has revealed it is now able to handle third party logistics for any bike industry brands that may need either extra capacity and assistance in supply.

Having launched with Marin Bikes, as well as having assisted Kali Protectives before, the Chapeau! distributor has additional warehouse space that it is able to rent out to industry brands, as well as the ability to run third party logistics with both digital and delivery back up.

Speaking to CyclingIndustry.News at CoreBike, Velobrands’ MD Will Miles said: “With our service bike brands have an industry specific infrastructure that can work for both B2B and B2C clients and that can be bespoke made to meet their needs. What this allows brands to do is to focus on the marketing, while we do the donkey work for which our team has become specialist.”

Miles is referring to his own business’s distribution, which has in recent years been shaped around his proprietary INMO software, something he is extending to partners looking to adapt their distribution structure.

In explaining how INMO works back in 2018, Miles said: “Dealers presently using the Inmo platform are enjoying the proposition as it removes channel conflict. The brand handles the online sale and the bulk of stock, while the retailer is the showroom, minus the fear of being showroomed. The brand simply turns on click and collect functionality on their site and lists retail partners as a pickup destination.”

The software was created in response to changing shopping habits and the desire for shops to hold less physical stock in store.

“It’s been proven that when a retailer is part of the mix direct sales go up. People like to touch and feel a product. In some cases the retailer can make commission on a sale they may actually have had nothing to do with,” added Miles. “There is immense value in physical representation and bike brands keen to support this mindset will see great value in having customers pick up via their friendly local bike shop, rather than a local pickup service.”

Velobrands third party logistics arm will operate from Exeter in the UK’s South West and we’re told the business has up to 15,000 square foot of space on its hands.

“We will charge a per square metre fee, pick and pack fees and website work will be an optional extra. We can plug a brand straight into INMO if that fits their needs. We probably have space for a few small to medium tier two brands, should anyone want to take advantage,” concludes Miles.

Velobrands are contactable here.