Vittoria aligns global pricing, many lines to be up to €10 cheaper

Vittoria has taken steps to better align global pricing, resulting in a price drop on the majority of lines.

“The worst thing to do is do nothing at all,” offered global marketing manager Frank Levering on the challenge of ensuring territories stick to pricing guidelines. “We’d found that consumers were unsure of the real value of our products thanks to online prices and so it was required to outline the expected behaviour of our partners in order to ensure the brand is not devalued. The 2017 price lists to be released in the next few days are the new benchmark.”

The result in Europe, we’re told, is an average €10 price decrease on many lines, something which Vittoria says is intended to increase demand, as well as better aligning with competitor’s products.

“This is a signal of sorts. We’ve opted not to raise prices to add revenue, instead lowering them to stimulate new business around the globe and respond to consumer habits,” added Levering on what the firm describes as a “Progressive approach during a tough time for the business.”

Vittoria discussed its future plans with CyclingIndustry.News back in June, pointing to graphene technology and a growth in urban mobility trade as key drivers for future trade.

The firm also earlier this year invested in the Zehus motor.

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