Wahoo reveals its newest KICKR smart trainer

Fitness technology company Wahoo has revealed its new fifth edition KICKR built for athletes serious about indoor riding and racing.

The fifth edition KICKR has several new features such as refined power accuracy to +/-1% from +/-2% by using a proprietary auto-calibration process. Additionally, to ensure a more comfortable ride for users, the new and improved KICKR also comes equipped with new AXIS feet. These allow a bike installed onto the trainer to smoothly tilt up to five degrees from side-to-side with each pedal stroke in a controlled, realistic motion. Like its previous model, this version is nearly silent which makes for a more realistic experience.

“With key updates that improve any indoor ride, our newest KICKR will deliver an elevated experience for all Wahooligans,” said Product Manager Tyler Harris. “Without any need to calibrate, and improved accuracy, riders can be more confident than ever in power numbers, and with the new AXIS Feet providing subtle side-to-side motion, ride feel has never been more realistic.”

Although the new Wahoo KICKR has several new features, it maintains the same retail price as the previous edition, priced at £999.99.

KICKR is compatible with the KICKR CLIMB Indoor Grade Simulator, KICKR HEADWIND Smart Fan, and KICKR DESK. KICKR is also fully compatible with indoor workouts from Wahoo’s The Sufferfest virtual training app.

The newest KICKR is available now from WahooFitness.com.