WFSGI forms electric bike committee as UCI backs racing

Following the recent announcement by the Union Cycliste Internationale that they will sanction E-Bike racing in the near future, the WFSGI has announced that it will form a committee to work in this area.

Already in the UCI consulting period, WFSGI has formed an ad-hoc E-Bike group advising the UCI on the various possibilities from an industry perspective. Collaborative work between the UCI and the WFSGI has been long-standing on pedal powered machines.

The new WFSGI E-Bike committee will be launched at Eurobike and will focus on developing the equipment regulations framework in close collaboration with the UCI. The UCI and WFSGI have already started work in this area and good progress has been made.

Robbert de Kock, CEO and President at the WFSGI said: “The WFSGI has a superb history to working closely with the UCI and can list many areas where this work has delivered innovation and progress within competitive cycling. We feel our members can really add value to the knowledge and experience within the UCI”.

Jeroen Snijders Blok, Chairman of the WFSGI Bicycle group and board member added: “The new E-Bike decision is sure to be a fast-moving area with a lot of future developments in both the equipment and racing format and I am very excited that the WFSGI and its members will be in a strong position to help the UCI take this initiative forward”.