Yellow Jersey adds cover services for race team drivers

Specialist cycle insurer Yellow Jersey has expanded its range of business products, adding coverage for race team fleet cars.

Yellow Jersey already provide race cover for a range of pro and amateur teams in the UK. More recently, they have insured all vehicles associated with the UCI and the local organising committee for the World Championships in Yorkshire.

According to Yellow Jersey, they have encountered countless instances where amateur and professional circuit drivers have assumed they are covered under their standard or British Cycling insurance to drive in competitive events. That is very often not the case. Most vehicle insurance policies specifically exclude driving in competition or races, even if the policy includes ‘business use’. In the instance of an accident, the driver can be left footing the bill. 

British Cycling does have a master policy for vehicles. However it is only available “to members who organise road events or perform a key role as a designated road event official”. It is not for teams.

“For race vehicle insurance premiums are broadly similar to standard vehicle insurance costs. As we go direct, it skips out the cuts that marketing-heavy aggregators take. It’s much more competitive than people may think” said Head of Business Development, Tom McMorrin.

Yellow Jersey has a consumer and a business arm, the latter of which provides mechanics, cycle couriers and shops with insurance products.

To enquire about coverage for your vehicle, email or call 0333 003 0046.