Yellow Jersey launches Cycling Holidays website

Specialist cycling insurance company Yellow Jersey has launched a new website, Cycling Holidays; a database and peer-led review platform for cycling and triathlon holiday companies.

According to Yellow Jersey, a Google search for the term ‘cycling holiday’ offers up to 220 million results, with ‘mountain bike holiday’ coming up with 107 million results and ‘triathlon holiday’ providing 14 million. A large proportion of Yellow Jersey’s customers and clients are cycle enthusiasts, many of whom go on regular cycling holidays.

The insurance company has come up with a solution to many common questions on the minds of riders when booking a cycling holiday, (where to start? How will I know what the holiday will really be like?) through launching the Cycling Holidays website.

The aim of Cycling Holidays is two-fold; firstly, to add value to the company’s ever increasing number of affiliate partners offering training camps and cycling holidays while also providing a tailored, useful resource to athletes looking for their next cycling or triathlon holiday.

Users can rate their holiday experiences based on a range of criteria, as well as share their own photos of their trip. Holidays are listed based on the type of holiday, location or rating, and users can set favourites for narrowing down a shortlist. According to the insurance company, like-minded peer reviews are especially important in selling a holiday.

Managing Director of Yellow Jersey, Ryan Georgiades, said: “We’re always looking for cool ways with which we can add value for our clients and customers by creating content and products which they will find useful. We’ve been working hard to grow and improve our affiliate partnerships and on top of offering a great business offering to companies who join us, we also like to add value through content and tools that they can use and share with their customers.

“Cycling Holidays will be a great peer-led review portal that cycling tour operators can access, free of charge, to advertise their holidays meanwhile current and potential customers can enjoy the resource to help source their next holiday. By inviting users to share their feedback of the things that matter, we hope that they will be able to find the right holidays for them.”

“Tour operators are able to claim their holiday on the site and make changes to the content we have pre-loaded and add new trips whenever they like. We know the personalised experiences that independent companies can offer are second-to-none when you want a truly special holiday with real enthusiasts in the field.”

Yellow Jersey provides bicycle insurance and cycle travel insurance to cover UK residents worldwide, as well as tour operators insurance to cover business for a range of needs, including: crisis management cover, tour operators liability, group rides and legal expenses.

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