Bafang extends portfolio & reveals benefits of 43V battery tech

As reported by CI.N in March earlier this year, Bafang has extended its battery portfolio to offer not only rack-mounted and fully-integrated inTube batteries, but also semi-integrated batteries for a greater variety of frame designs.

The e-mobility component and drive system manufacturer has introduced two new models for downtube applications; the BT F07.450.C and BT F08.600.C, which offer 450Wh and 600Wh energy content respectively. The batteries were first unveiled at Taipei Cycle Show in March, and more information about the new models can be found here.

In the lead up to Eurobike Show next month, Bafang has revealed the advantages and benefits behind its 43V battery technology featured in the new F07 and F08 models.

According to Bafang, it is the 43 volt design of its batteries which distinguishes them from others on the market…

Advantage 1: Heat efficiency

As a general rule of thumb; the higher the voltage of a battery, the higher the working efficiency and the longer the range. When providing the same output power, the higher voltage leads to a lower working current which means the battery and other components of the system produce less heat.

According to Bafang, when compared to the most commonly used 36V format, a 43V battery experiences just 69% of a 36V system’s heat loss.

Advantage 2: Compact module arrangement

Depending on the capacity required, a 43V battery uses a 12S3P, 12S4P or 12S5P cell arrangement, resulting in a space utility of 75% for the complete package. Both competing formats are considerably less space-efficient. A 36V battery’s 10S4P or 10S5P arrangement only manages 63% space utility, while a 48V battery’s layout (13S3P, 13S4P or 13S5P) reaches no more than 65%.

Sunny He, Bafang’s Director and Deputy General Manager, explained: “When you take both of these efficiency parameters into account, there’s a clear overall advantage to the 43V battery design. And our latest battery options also have many additional advantages.”

Advantage 3: Safety

Bafang’s higher safety protection design means its batteries’ charging circuits are equipped with independent temperature control and six circuits for safety protection. All of the manufacturer’s batteries rely on a safer 4.1V full voltage level, while the Battery Management System (BMS) uses two circuits to protect the chip against overcharge failure and another two circuits to independently double-check for temperature protection failure.

Independent three-section fuses provide enhanced secure diagnosis of real-time MOSFET status, in addition to the two-level safety mechanism protective design.

Advantage 4: Efficient manufacturing

In a bid to deliver higher product value at lower manufacturing cost, Bafang has incorporated a flexible design suited for automatic production processes. The batteries’ standard core packs are assembled without any cables; reliability is ensured and plastic parts can be made smaller by taking full advantage of vibration welding and multiple insert-moulding processes.

Advantage 5: Easy handling and service

Both the CHG C01.3A and CHG C01.2A (with 3 and 2 amps charging current respectively) will fit all future Bafang batteries.

For product managers and dealers’ workshops

  • Free choice between CAN and UART communication protocols
  • Software parameters can be updated with BESST (Bafang’s current service tool) and in the future through cloud-based systems
  • A resume recording function in cases of warranty issues, long term capacity monitoring and/or malfunction

Bafang has also unveiled a ‘larger cousin’ of the current 200Wh BT F05 intube battery; the 430Wh BT F09 for the M800 drive train system. At a mere 2.3kg, this high energy density battery provides greater mileage and long service life while boasting an aerodynamic low-profile design. The BT F09 is ideal for endurance e-Road or e-Gravel bikes, as well as slat handlebar Urban or Cross bikes.

Those attending Eurobike next month will be able to take a look at the latest range additions, and talk to Bafang experts at booth 304, Hall A1. The new batteries will be available for Bafang OE customers as of Q4 2019.

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