Bike Shop Girl explains why she’s gone mobile over bricks and mortar

The author of the Bike Shop Girl blog and industry veteran Arleigh Jenkins has announced a new mobile repair business covering Northeast Denver.

With an opportunity dropping into her lap to open a bricks and mortar store around the corner from home, Jenkins writes that she evaluated what she wanted to achieve and has since decided to go mobile.

In a post detailing the past six weeks, Jenkins identifies her top four reasons for opening a store as:

  • Provide the best repair, and customer service possible
  • Identify, and help eliminate the barriers keeping my neighbors from riding their bikes more often
  • Build a friendly cycling community for families and everyday cyclists
  • Become a valuable resource for routes, rides, and unique cycling events in NE Denver

Concluding that none of the above related to selling bikes, Jenkins assessed options and concludes:

“A couple of weeks after turning down the location I returned to my list, and with new eyes saw that the top 4  reasons I wanted to open a bike shop didn’t include a brick and mortar location.

“I’ve thought a lot about this over the past few years of my life, and it only increased when the idea of a shop came to light. How can I rethink bicycle sales and service?  Momentarily my wife and I discussed a mobile bike shop, but it seemed the cost to entry was too high. You need a huge van ($60k+), a good amount of inventory ($15k+), and a lot of time. Then last week  a light bulb went off while helping a neighbor with her bike that was having issues after it was recently repaired by the only bike shop in the area. How about I do bicycle service and sales my way? How do I help my neighbors receive great service, and resources without dealing with the negative side of many bike shops? Answer: Open a mobile bike shop of course.”

Now occupying the former blog’s URL is the online business’s shop window, a portal via which customers can book a service, fitting or make an inquiry.

Jenkins, who formerly serviced professional racer’s bikes, is already under way servicing the Stapleton, Lowry, Park Hill and West Aurora area.

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