Bike Shops encouraged to write to MEPs before Jan 22nd vote on Compulsory E-Bike Insurance

The BA has suggested to its members they write to their MEP before Jan 22nd to request they support an amendment that would block compulsory insurance on pedal assist e-bikes*.

(*CIN: This would effectively maintain the status quo: pedal assist cycles with 250W max power and 15.5mph max speed DO NOT currently require insurance in the UK. Speed Pedelecs which exceed 15.5mph with assistance DO require insurance in the UK ) 

To help other stores who may also wish to express their views, CIN has uploaded the suggested letter and list of your local MEPs.

MID and EPACs – for UK industry

UK MEPS to lobby

Summary from the BA

(1) The EU measure which could extend the requirement for mandatory  motor vehicle insurance to e-bikes will go to a vote around the 22nd  Jan. An amendment excluding e-bikes is however now expected to be supported.

(2) Our European colleagues at CONEBI and ECF are again asking the industry to lobby national MEPs to ensure this amendment goes through.

(3) The BA will respond to the UK MEPs on behalf of the UK industry, but if you wish to add your company’s voice as well, that will add weight, especially if you are in one of the MEP’s constituency areas.


(1) Over many years the BA, and European colleagues, has been lobbying against the inclusion of e-bikes in the EU Motor Insurance Directive (MID) – which would make it mandatory for e-bikes to have motor vehicle style third party insurance, like cars and motorbikes. We believe this would be disproportionate, difficult and expensive to enforce, and that it would pose serious risks to the growing e-bike market.

After intense lobbying, a consultant report to the relevant European Parliament commission has recommended that e-bikes be fully excluded. This apparently has good support, but two MEPs on the committee have put opposing amendments. So final lobbying before the vote on 22nd January will help secure the exclusion.

Whether this decision will take legal effect in the UK depends on the outcome of Brexit, but as it could set a very dangerous precedent the BA feels it is well worth opposing in any case.

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