reports best on-time delivery performance to date

Bicycle shipping service and bike box supplier, has reported the best on-time delivery performance for its bikes, wheels and gear shipments, despite shipping challenges as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.

William Alcorn, President of, said: “Like most companies, we’ve had to respond to a variety of new business challenges during this past year; and as many of us have experienced firsthand, shipping during the COVID-19 pandemic has been difficult. While everyone was staying home, we worked hard behind the scenes to improve our operations to ensure that we maintain the five-star service that our customers have come to expect.”

During this period, delivered customers’ shipments on time at rates of 98.8%, 96.4% and 97.3% respectively during three peak shipping periods of the pandemic in 2020, showing better results than those of UPS, FedEx and the U.S. Postal Service as tallied by ShipMatrix.

“The pandemic brought challenges like large numbers of temporarily and permanently closed businesses, rising shipping costs and consistently record-breaking volumes of shipments. We adapted by launching services like Preferred Handling, improving our monitoring of shipments and rolling out our new BikeFlights bike shipping boxes. We did this all while continuing to offer low shipping costs and excellent customer service to our individual consumer and business customers,” said Alcorn.

Additionally, didn’t just excel during peak shipping periods. The company consistently offered on-time delivery for most shipments throughout the year. On-time delivery percentages ranged from 96.34% to 99.07% during 2020.

However, Preferred Handling is perhaps the most noticeable consumer-facing operational improvement of the past year. Soft launched in December of 2020 and gives more accountability for high value bikes, wheels and gear moving through the carrier system. All shipments automatically qualify for the Preferred Handling service upgrade when customers opt for US$1,000 or more of Premium Protection per box or case.

New bike shipping boxes are also one of’s 2020 improvements. BikeFlights boxes are sturdy, recyclable and reusable and come in two sizes for shipping most types of bikes. They are available for purchase through’s online store and ship direct-to-consumer within one to three days to most locations within the continental U.S.

BikeFlights has also been working closely with its carrier to upgrade its monitoring systems to improve resolutions for delayed and lost shipments. These enhancements now give customers access to enterprise-level solutions for keeping shipments on track.

Furthermore, hired more people to support customers and improved internal staff education to address the increasingly more complex shipping challenges. The effort was matched by the development of an in-depth FAQ on its website to help customers answer many questions at their convenience.

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