Bkool debut two turbos at £499 and £1,099

Spanish indoor training firm Bkool has come to market with two new turbo trainers at pricepoints to suit the hobbyist and professional alike.

Building on the success of the original Smart Pro, and featuring a new, stylish design – the Pro 2 promises a quieter workout, thanks to a redesigned fan cover. It runs at approximately 68db when rolling at 35kph, weighs in at only 11.6kg and can simulates slopes of up to 20%.

Laying claim to being the only smart trainers to simulate inertia, the new range allow riders to enjoy the momentum of flying down slopes, and feel the burn in their legs when pedaling up hills and mountains.

Hot on the heels of the Pro 2 trainer, Bkool have also released a teaser for their new direct drive smart trainer, the Smart Air (pictured above). Showcasing a striking, minimalist design, the Air contains the ability to accurately simulate a side-to-side rocking movement – allowing for realistic pedaling motions whether seated or standing, meaning less stress on carbon frames.

Both the Smart Pro 2 and Smart Air are compatible with ANT+ and Bluetooth Smart, allowing seamless wireless connectivity. There is no assembly or calibration required, and with the machines made up of two pieces, cyclists can simply plug in and play.

Like previous units, the trainers come with a subscription to Bkool’s virtual trainer software, which allows cyclists to ride any route in a virtual environment, 3D racing, real weather scenarios and take part in virtual velodrome games. Riders will also have the ability to customise and analyse any workout on Bkool’s analytical software.

UK distributor I-ride has stock of the Pro 2 now and the Air will be due in October. Dealers can find out more here.

Bkool’s £499 Smart Pro 2