Bosch’s MTB focused Kiox e-Bike display on demo at Interbike

E-Mountain bikers finally get a dedicated display of their own with Bosch’s new centrally mounted display. Kiox has already been recognised for a “Best New Product” Award at Eurobike 2018, but Interbike offers people in the U.S. the first chance to ride and experience the new display.

Kiox is described as a compact, full-color eBike computer offering several new features via Bluetooth connectivity. Using Gorilla Glass in the display makes it durable for off road usage. Controlled by a separate control unit on the handlebar it provides the eBiker with data on speed, personal performance, cadence, and battery charge. It can also be combined with a heart rate monitor.

Furthermore, anyone who uses their e-bike for night rides will be very pleased with one particular new feature, it automatically adapts to the ambient light.

“Kiox is our best and brightest display with more useful features than ever packed into such a compact unit,” said Claudia Wasko, Vice President & General Manager of Bosch eBike Systems Americas. “With its ability to connect to the rider’s heart-rate via wearable sensors, Kiox also marks our first step in connecting eBikes to the eBiker’s digital world.”

Bosch partners with 30+ eBike manufacturers and describes this as a 2019 model year product. It also supports eshift in conjunction with enviolo, Rohloff and Shimano.