Gates and Enviolo bet on speed pedelec growth with new groupsets

Gates and Enviolo (formerly NuVinci) have collaborated to create a new groupset for the emerging speed pedelec market.

Speculating that the market globally will grow as the industry gets to grips with the differing legality and demand for these types of bikes, Enviolo has, with Gates’ input, redesigned its stepless and automatic shifting groupset to allow product managers to spec a 22-tooth Gates rear sprocket on all e-Bike categories; city, trekking, sportive, cargo and commercial.

Due to clearance limits, bicycle manufacturers were previously limited to using a 24-tooth Gates sprocket with a larger front sprocket to achieve speeds of 45 kph.

The new product also eases fitment issues for front sprockets mounted on mid-drive motors, enabling the use of a smaller front sprocket to improve frame clearance on models equipped with larger tires and with shorter chainstays.

“Gates is committed to expanding the e-Bike market and facilitating the adoption of Gates Carbon Drive belt systems across all bicycle market segments by developing strategic applications and working directly with manufacturers to develop new products that serve consumers and bicycle brands,” said Chris Vasiliotis, Global Product Engineering Manager for Gates Carbon Drive.

“The combination of the Gates Carbon Drive system with an enviolo internal gear hub, which creates a quiet and very low-maintenance solution for the consumer, continues to gain popularity and satisfaction in the market. As such we have used our great relationship to expand our product offering, enabling our customers to have more flexibility in designing bikes for specific use cases,” added Richard Hilgart, Product Manager at Enviolo.

Production of the new Enviolo groupsets started in September and orders can be placed with enviolo. Orders for the 22T sprocket (part number CT1122VMN) can be placed with Gates or Universal Transmission for Europe.

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