Campagnolo still available to trade says supplier amid confusion

Mirroring earlier confusion relating to the availability of Brooks products to the trade, the UK service partner or Campagnolo has moved to dispel a similar rumour of ceased supply.

Writing to LinkedIn, Graeme Freestone King of UK Campagnolo Service partner Velotech Cycling wrote: “We’ve had a few customers contact the Campagnolo Service Centre here at Velotech Cycling Ltd., about a perceived suspension of UK sales from the factory through normal retail outlets due to Brexit. This is NOT THE CASE.”

As with Brooks, Campagnolo has temporarily moved to cease trade to retail sales made via the web shop, but supply via distribution channels remains unaffected and thus shops can still obtain stock. The suspension is likely temporary and not uncommon as a measures put in place for European suppliers amid the initial flurry of confusion on the back of an 11th hour Brexit deal.

Freestone King added: “The notice that appears on the Campagnolo website ONLY applies to RETAIL sales from the Campagnolo Web Shop and does not affect product available through the UK retailer channel – groupsets, groupset components, wheels and spares, etc are still all available to retailers as normal through Campagnolo’s UK distributors and to the public, via their customers.

“At Velotech, we are still receiving supplies of spare parts and complete components for service, warranty and repair as normal.

“There have been a few inaccurate posts on Twitter / Facebook etc that have amplified the mistaken view that the temporary suspension in E-Commerce sales from Campagnolo direct to final customers (which don’t include the product ranges mentioned above) applies across the board. It doesn’t.”

Campagnolo goods are sold to the trade via distributors I-Ride, Chicken Cyclekit and MDI LTD.

If you’ve yet to tune in, Freestone King appeared alongside Cycle Systems Academy founder Sean Lally on the CI.N Podcast late last year, within which the pair discuss the state of play for mechanics in the bike industry, training standards and wages in the industry. You can catch the 40-minute talk here.