Comodule develop new Bonnie & Clyde IoT module for e-Bikes

As the Covid-19 pandemic accelerated the growth of micro-mobility and connectivity industries, Comodule has developed and produced its new IoT module for e-Bikes, named Bonnie & Clyde.

The new Bonnie & Clyde module by Comodule is considered to be a ‘brother’ to Master. The difference is that Bonnie & Clyde is designed to fit most mid-drive e-Bikes, is easier to integrate, and hides the unit more effectively.

Rainer Lepik, the Product Owner said: ‘For Comodule, the idea of developing new connectivity products is to always search for ways to improve the daily urban commute. The new, most compact IoT module is created to make good better, allowing a less time consuming and a less costly integration”

By preserving the best qualities of its Master module, such as over the air updates, bike control, monitoring, and theft-defence, Comodule believe that the unit will gain value by being more adaptable. Bonnie & Clyde is built to be the most compact quality IoT module on the market.

The main unit and the antenna unit are separated (hence the product consisting of two names–Bonnie & Clyde), making it possible to hide the antennas behind the motor cover and all the main electronics to be hidden in the downtube, seat tube, or any other large enough tube on the bike. Bonnie unit–9-45V power input; 2900 mAh battery; Communicates with the bike. Clyde unit–Cellular 2G/3G/CAT-M1 connectivity; 3 concurrent GNSS constellations; Uses Bluetooth 5.0 The first pilot versions are already being tested by some of Comodule’s clients today.

Comodule is developing IoT solutions for shared mobility operators and bicycle manufacturers to reduce global environmental pollution and traffic congestion. Since 2014 Comodule has connected over 300,000 light electric vehicles to the internet. The company has grown from 18 to nearly 80 team members in the last two years alone. Comodule is one of the few companies focused on the Internet of Things with its headquarters and production in Tallinn, Estonia.