Cube joins Citrus-Lime’s supplier integration module

Cube dealers with Citrus-Lime EPOS and eCommerce software are to have their day-to-day management made easier with the news that the bike label has linked with the supplier integration module.

Designed to improve how the dealer’s digital business communicates with suppliers the module allows rapid imports of product to the dealer’s database without the need to touch Excel or .csv files. At the click of a button dealers will also receive automatic updates on cost prices specific to their business, supplier barcodes, obsolete product data and MSRPs.

It is expected that suppliers including 2pure, Saddleback and Windwave will also shortly be live on the module, joining a long list of the UK’s leading distributors.

Other perks include:

Cube stock availability visible at the till for taking customer orders and in the back office when creating purchase orders.

When you’re setting up your Cube products online, all the Cube product information from Citrus-Lime Cloud POS is automatically available, then you can boost this at the click of a button to include:

  • Short web description
  • Long web description
  • Multiple hi-res product images

Taking into account the labour cost of setting up and maintaining Cube products for sale in-store and online, as a chunk of net profit in every Cube product sold, it’s easy to see how saving you time in that process increases your net profit margin for Cube products.

Citrus-Lime are confident the cost of SIM plus an inherently reduced labour cost, is less than your labour cost alone without SIM.

Furthering profitability, Cube’s stock levels can be shown as an extension of your own stock levels on your website.  When you don’t have a particular Cube product in stock, but Cube does, you can show Cube’s stock availability instead, with wording like “In stock – dispatched in 2-3 days” to effectively manage customer expectations.  This means you can range and take orders for those colours and sizes that you wouldn’t normally stock, with confidence that you can fulfil those orders. Citrus-Lime add that this means there’s less need to discount products to clear them at the end of that period, which is another way SIM increases profit margins for Cube products.

Matthijs Gerrits, Cube’s IT/Data Manager, who was interviewed on digital improvements recently, offered: “Citrus-Lime connects to our Webservice Platform for their SIM. They were very eager to get the project going and also quick to implement improvements. Working with Patrick, but basically the whole team at Citrus-Lime was a very positive experience.”

Dealers can contact Citrus-Lime via:
01229 588 628