Cycling community gets behind Brussels following terrorist attacks

Words by Claudia Vianino

The recent Brussels terrorist acts have deeply touched everybody with a conscience. Strong reactions and statements came from all over the world and everyone tried his/her own way to “assimilate” these sad facts.

The cycling community has now pledged to support the region in any way it can. After the terrorist attacks, the Brussels based European Cycling Federation  (ECF) invited all cyclists to unite and keep on with determination: We are Brussel!”, they stated.

In answer to this call, Italy’s FIAB (Federazione Italiana Amici della Bici – Italian Federation of the Bike Friends), one of the biggest Italian amateur cycling associations, suggested a different way to support the Belgian people.

“Let’s visit them by bike. We are not afraid, we don’t want to favor the game of those who enjoy our terror,” said Michele Mutterle (FIAB Organizing Secretariat) in a very touching public message.

“This year we will ride our bikes to Belgium, we will bike their streets, visit their beautiful art galleries, we will meet with our friends at ECF. Let’s support Belgium, don’t leave the Belgian people alone in facing these facts: let’s spend  our bike holidays in Flanders or the Ardennes.”

Under the slogan ‘A pedal stroke will bury them’, FIAB has now organized an August bike trip to Belgium, which you can sign up to here.