Mikes Bikes: “Myagi tripled staff learning engagement and they want more”

Myagi has released a case study with a US bike retail chain in which the director of training and development says “staff engagement in learning material tripled.”

The online tutorial platform features an increasing amount of content from industry brands such as Raleigh, Nuun and Tifosi, among others in the US market. In the UK, Zyro, a chunk of its brand portfolio and most recently Santa Cruz are just some labels signed up.

For the uninitiated, Myagi is a multi-user accessible online training environment to which bike brands (and B2B news sites) will upload tutorial videos or documents. Available on desktop or any mobile device, the typical module will show a training video and follow with a light quiz on the content.

The use of gamification and thus competition between staff drives a high level of engagement over traditional methods, believe the founders. Mike’s Bikes, with its 12 store and 250+ staff strong business too echoes that thinking.

“When Myagi introduced a cross company leaderboard system for learning achievement, engagement tripled and some staff even began requesting new modules so they could increase their rank,” said Richard Morrow, Director of Training and Development at Mike’s Bikes.

“With so many products and updates, it’s just impossible to know everything. The best people in the company are the ones who know where to find the information they need, and Myagi has become the go-to resource for these people.”

The result of clued up staff has been measurable too, says Morrow, who further points to the 18 month process it formerly took to get staff up to scratch.

“Myagi shortens the amount of time it takes for us to take a new staff member and turn them into one of our best employees, and that’s the biggest benefit for the business. Moreover, well developed staff tend to stay on as they see other opportunities for progress and this reduces painful staff turnover costs.”

Mike’s Bikes is now working with its brand partners on guidelines to deliver less traditional marketing content and more learning content that provides its staff with a better understanding of why a product is different, how it fits into the retailer’s business, and how to sell it to customers.

“That’s the type of content that works best on Myagi, drives better sales and aids customer service,” declared Morrow.

The company is about to roll out a new staff interview video program called “Mike’s Pro Tips” based on their best staff’s progress curves. The series will benefit all store teams and take sales and customer service to a whole new level, believes the retail chain.

“Bike businesses have been run the same way for over a 100 years and it’s just recently that a lot of brands and bike retailers, including ourselves, have realized that unless we act now, we’ll fall behind the times,” concludes Morrow.

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