ECF: “Bicycle manufacturing creates 3 times more jobs that of car maker”

A new video produced by the European Cyclists’ Federation has detailed what is believed to be the worth of the EU bicycle market in terms of job creation.

Based on figures detailing the car, air, shipping and bicycle business, the organisation has determined that bicycle manufacturers create 4.89 jobs per million Euro in turnover. Within car manufacture, just 1.6 jobs are created for the same turnover.

The video progresses to take in insight from a French manufacturing boss, a German retailer and the general manager of Royal Mail owned parcel delivery firm GLS, an Italy-based business using cargo bikes to increase productivity in delivery.

Simone Vicentini of GLS concludes that the business’s early trials have been so successful that expansion of cargo delivery in both Rome and Bologna is likely.

Previously a Pro E-bike study has shown how businesses can near unanimously save money and up efficiency by adopting an out of town depot and inner city cargo bike delivery. A tool is even available for businesses who are unsure if they too could save.

Concluding with a nod to Copenhagen, the video analyses the benefits of cycling vs driving in the city. The figures presented by the ECF suggest that society benefits to the tune of 0.16 Euro per kilometre cycled, while motoring costs 0.15 Euro. For the individual the cost of cycling is some 0.42 Euro lower per km than motoring.

Have a watch below or read more here.