Eurobike’s Industry Leaders’ Breakfast welcomes bosses & visionaries

Company Presidents, Chief Executives, Founders and other strategic directors are invited to attend the Cycling Industry Leaders’ Breakfast, taking place 5th September at Eurobike.

During the event, leading companies, market ‘makers’ and innovators will share opportunities for growth in the European and global cycling markets and discuss political challenges and prospects of industrial collaboration.

The work of advocating industry associations such as Cycling Industries Europe, WFSGI, CONEBI and ECF has revealed key talking points that will be touched on throughout the event. Digitalisation is marked to be a ‘game changer’ for all industries due to more demanding users and integrated supply chains, while sustainability has been dubbed ‘essential for any forward-looking company’.

According to some estimates, Europe alone could be selling 10 million more bicycles and e-Bikes per year by 2030, almost double the current market. Unavoidably, growth will see increased competition, new forms of micromobility taking up part of the market, and the need for more skilled staff for production, distribution and maintenance within the industry.

These topics, and more, will be discussed at the Eurobike’s Leaders’ Breakfast with the aforementioned associations inviting all industry leaders to share their visions for the market and critical initiatives for maintaining growth.

The Leaders’ Breakfast will take place in the Berlin-Paris rooms, Foyer East, with breakfast available from 8:15am and presentations and networking until 10am.

Eurobike takes place 4-7 September in Friedrichschafen, those who haven’t already can register here.

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