Leipzig, Germany hits 2020 goal of 20% of trips by bike, says city mayor

City of Leipzig mayor Burkhard Jung has told the International Transport Forum that his city has hit its 2020 goal of establishing a 20% modal share for cycling.

Telling the gathered crowds how the share was just 5.8% in 1994, Jung reported that his city now has sights on one quarter of trips by bike by 2025.

Leipzig is the largest city in the state of Saxony, with over 530,000 citizens and one of Germany’s fastest growing populations, making mobility issues all the more pressing for the current mayor.

The International Transport Forum, which wraps up today in Leipzig, gathers city leaders, ministers and planners from around the globe to discuss best practice on transport efficiency across everything from rail to cycling. Live feeds of the discussion are available.

This post has now been added to our series on cities around the globe making progress on upping cycling’s modal share.