Europe’s industrial bicycle businesses responsible for 90,000 jobs, says CONEBI update

Having first analysed the size of the European jobs market within the cycling arena in 2012, CONEBI has today delivered an update attributing some 90,000 direct or indirect positions.

Citing the emergence of the electric bike industry as a fresh stream for the cycling industry’s job creation, CONEBI offer “In the EU there are now over 90.000 Direct-Indirect Workers, and 800 SMEs capillary distributed in 20 of the 28 Member States, generating over 1 billion Euros EU investments and approximately 12 billion Euros EU of Industrial output.”

Of those jobs, half are estimated to be “indirect employment”, 24,786 tied to bicycle and EPACs, 20,645 working in bicycle parts production and 10,000 employed in the accessories market.

CONEBI (Confederation of the European Bicycle Industry) are a collective industry group with deep contacts with European policy makers and authorities. The association is composed of members from the majority of Europe’s bicycle associations.

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