Gazelle launches SafeDrivePod device to cancel out distracted mobile phone use

Gazelle has created a device that will intercept mobile phone use when the user is traveling over 10MPH.

The Dutch firm primarily intends the device for cyclists, but doesn’t rule out use by drivers, with the device linking a user’s mobile via an app. One study by Virginia Tech in the U.S. demonstrated that drivers can be distracted as much as 50% of the time when they are behind the wheel, with mobile use a top concern.

Said to be the first of its kind on the market, Gazelle cites research stating that 77% of Dutch people are against the use of mobile phones while cycling. Data further says that one in ten bicycle accidents involve smartphone use. In the age group 12 to 34, that figure doubles.

“The bike SafeDrivePod is very simple: the integrated system enables connection via Bluetooth with the app on your phone. If cyclists get on and ride at least 10 kilometers per hour, the smartphone switches off automatically. Cyclists can not get distracted more in that case. They focus entirely on the road, “said spokesman Ferdi Ertekin Koninklijke Gazelle.

“Research shows that traffic is the biggest concern of parents. With this bike they are no longer awake. The system can not bypass without the knowledge of parents,” added Paul Hendriks SafeDrivePod. The device is not only a repressive means. “We must be aware that smartphone use in traffic is not normal. The SafeDrivePod we accelerate this movement. “