Germany halves tax on all leased electromobility, but forgets electric bikes

According to Germany’s two-wheel industry organisation Zweirad-Industrie-Verband a reduction in the tax on leased electromobility will come into play from January 1st, but the legislative tweak once again overlooks electric bikes.

As part of the Climate Protection Program 2030, the rate is set to halve from the current 0.5% to 0.25%. This will apply to all forms of electromobility, yet ZIV is dismayed at the notable two-wheel omission.

The association has therefore issued a strong statement targeted at the Bundestag (German federal parliament) calling for a fast revision to the legislation before it comes into law.

“The environmental footprint of bicycles and e-bikes is far better than that of electric cars. So if the Federal Government is concerned with climate protection and air pollution control, it sends false signals to employers with the new regulation. The business bike is a cheaper and more climate-friendly alternative to the company car and helps to relieve the traffic of cars on the roads,” says ZIV.

This joins a long list of campaign objectives for the group that is fighting for greater provision of infrastructure, a place for speed pedelecs on select cycle paths and plenty more.

On a brighter note, prior legislation was adjusted after a ZIV complaint. This related to the inclusion of electric cargo bikes in subsidy legislation for small to medium-sized delivery vehicles. These are now subject to a 50% cost subsidy for bicycles with a load capacity of over 150 kilograms.

A prior study into the subject of cargo bike use found that in the majority of cases businesses could save time and money by deploying a fleet to deliver its goods.