Gluksin Townley to write NBDA’s Bicycle Market Overview 2016

The U.S. National Bicycle Dealer’s Association has renewed its link with the Gluskin Townley Group who will for the 13th consecutive year write the U.S. Bicycle Market Overview.

Having undertaken the research and reporting since its 2004 debut, the Gluskin Townley Group (Jay Tonwley and Elliot Gluskin) have an unparalleled depth of experience in number crunching for the bicycle market.

“I reviewed previous year’s reports and had discussions with GTG and Jay about adding another source of bike shop channel statistics and I think we can look forward to an even more complete market overview report for the 2016 season. We will have clearer insights into what happened and what bike shops and suppliers can do to make 2017 a better and hopefully more profitable year,” said Todd Grant, President of the NBDA.

Based on deep analysis of available market and bicycle usage data, The U.S. Bicycle Market Overview Report is dependent on the availability of twelve-month year-to-date bicycle import and export data from the U.S. Department of Commerce and also release of Bicycle Riding Participation data from the National Sporting Goods Association (NSGA).

The cover price on the NBDA U.S. Bicycle Market Overview Reports is $199 for association members and $299 for non-members and is sent as a PDF file attached to an email. It is expected that the report will be available to the bicycle industry by early April, 2017.

Earlier this week it was also revealed that GTG would also conduct a separate study on the fortunes of the independent bike shop.

Jay Townley is a regular columnist for CyclingIndustry.News, bringing to the table his insight into market trends, market data and ideas for better retail. You can catch his writing here.